This is an opportunity for me to view and assess the area and for you to express what your aspirations for the garden are. We will discuss all requirements that the garden needs to fulfil, budget, lifestyle and design choices.

Depending upon the size, layout and topography of the area a suitable survey will be undertaken.

At this point we can begin to clearly identify style, materials and planting choices. I will then produce an initial 3D plan, mood board and design report.

A final 3D version of the design will be produced.  Further drawings will show approximate measurements, preferred material specification and a general layout of the garden allowing  you to source estimates from hard landscaping firms, builders or gardeners.

A detailed and bespoke planting scheme is incorporated into the design. The plants chosen will be suitable for the area, to the maintenance level that you request and to your personal design style. 

The planting service is an additional cost and is dependant upon the size and number of plants.  Planting will be to RHS standard and where possible, using RHS qualified gardeners.

All plants will be ordered and then invoiced prior to them arriving on site.

Relocation and and re-establishment of any existing plants will be charged at an hourly rate and Walklands Garden Design will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of these plants.

A maintenance plan is included which will list all of your new plants and guidance on tasks to carry out through the year to maximise the success of your new garden.

I can also assist if you wish to appoint a regular gardener or gardening service.



I will assess all existing planting and advise any horticultural care or actions to re-invigorate the area. I will produce a comprehensive planting plan including costings, sourcing of plants and ensuring plants are established to RHS standards. This is a great way to achieve a fantastic new look to your garden, increase biodiversity and improve sustainability without high hard landscaping costs.

If you need a redesign to part of your garden, for example a new patio,  changes due to mobility or visual impairment issues, child and/or pet proofing, inclusion of water features and lighting or you wish to encourage more wildlife into your garden, I can offer a bespoke design to suit all of the above and more.

I will assess the area and offer a comprehensive design and planting solution to any outside area where you are experiencing difficulty establishing plants to their full potential.

Create a big impact from your outdoor space before putting your house on the market with some simple design ideas that don’t cost a fortune or that you can take with you when you move.
Tenant proof your rental property by creating low maintenance yet attractive and bio diverse front and rear gardens suitable for all tenant types. Your rental property will be more attractive to prospective tenants, will help retain your properties value and cut any maintenance costs and issues.
Include a new garden design in conjunction with your planned extension build to reduce costs. combine build services and create a cohesive and unified look to your entire property.


Following an assessment of your garden I will produce a comprehensive report, bespoke to your requirements to include;

  • Plant identification and condition
  • Advice on garden design including suitable materials, layout and style. Draft 3D drawings may be produced for clarification.
  • Assessment of current hard landscaping
  • Advice regarding budget and  choice of Contractor
  • Soil testing for type and pH
  • Suitable plant recommendations
  • Identify any pests and diseases, advice on plant management and pruning
  • Advice on increasing biodiversity, implementing sustainable practices and reducing the carbon footprint in your garden


This service is especially suited to those not wishing for a Full Garden Design or if you are buying/have bought a new home and require general advice on options and costs of updating an outdoor space.